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Spring Trophy Striped Bass Fishing Manasquan New Jersey

When the Cold air begins to subside and the cool waters off the coast of Manasquan, New Jersey begin to warm, during the months of March and early April, its time to start chasing the massive female Striped Bass that start to invade our waters. During that time, when fishing out of Manasquan New Jersey we will be employing, several very exhilarating methods to catch the stripers, among the most popular being the live line Method. When it comes to catching a Striped Bass, off the beaches of Belmar, Point Pleasant, Asbury, Deal, or even Sea Side New Jersey, you can be sure that feeding a hungry, aggressive, and often time tenacious Striped Bass is something everybody who chases down these powerful fish should experience at least once in their life time. When you start to feel your bait pulsating, twitching, and dancing at the end of your line, doing all it can to prevent becoming lunch for the Cow Striped Bass feverously giving chase to its prey, your excitement builds, your like a bottle rocket who’s fuse has just been lit, and you are waiting to hear that infamous “POP” of trophy Striper inhaling the bait, which then ignites the powdered stored within you, sending you soring into the air at 100 MPH. The fight is on, and now you do battle with the majestic broom tailed legend, you crank, bob, weave, bend, and grunt, the Striper you are battle with in the cockpit of a 53’ Spencer, amongst the depths of the oceans out of the Manasquan, decides to make a turn, he runs towards the bow in an attempt to out smart you. However our crew is on it we are prepared, we have seen this before, the rod, is quickly ran up, and around the boat. A near disaster is avoided, now you are beginning to win! The end is in sight, and you plan to soon set your hands on the majestic Striper and Lay claim to your victory! This is why you fish! This is why you go with the Best! Why you came fishing out of Manasquan, and chose the Jersey Nutz crew to help you. Because when the Bass Makes that last turn, and the net comes out of the water, hoisting up your trophy, you did it! You caught that fish of a life time! And needless to say, you did it in style! Congrats Angler!


What does it take to make all that happen so effortlessly? It takes a crew that has done it thousands of times before. It takes top notch equipment. It takes a boat that is built to go fast, and put you on the fish, no matter the weather. A captain that is as Salty as the sea its self, yet has the personability, appearance, and education, to socialize and entertain the most intellectual of clients. A mate that is seasoned, one that can walk you through the most complex methods, and have you feeling comfortable with in minute’s time of picking up a new method. When we fish for Stripers off of the Manasquan New Jersey Coast, we take our job very seriously, and are nothing short of passionate! The Striped Bass fishery is one that most anglers cut their teeth on, and for that reason, we hold it sacred. There is a special place held in our hearts for these fish, which shines through every time we break the inlet!