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Customer Reviews

Below you will find real reviews from real past customers! Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add your review!


"I've been out on their boat twice. I have been on a dozen boats in Jersey, and none of the other boats or captains come close to Jersey Nutz. Awesome both times. Keeper stripers. I took my 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son the first time and they had a blast. I drive from Buffalo to go out with these guys and will definitely be back next year. Thanks RJ."  -Mike Cotter


"Best in the business and an awesome crew and lots of FISH!!"   -Rob Baker


"Great Captain and mate! Both worked hard to find the fish. They take their fishing and boat safety very seriously! Beautiful and very comfortable custom boat. Lots of room on deck and in the cabin."   - Chris Ranger


"Went out with Jersey Nutz, they made for a fantastic day. His boat is top to bottom with the best gear, tech, and knowledge to get you to the best location possible. Five stars, I'll be back again!!!"   - Frank Cucunato


"My second time out and both were great trips. The guys hustle and work hard and it shows in the results. Looking forward to the next trip out and would recommend to anyone interested into seeing and catching into the blue. Good guys."   -Matthew Rummler


"Cody and Steve were great! Took us just where we needed to be so we could hit all day. They made the expierence more than great. I definitely think I'll be calling them for my next trip! Thanks Guys!!"   -TP


"Great to experience! Boat was very nice! We were in the fish all day long. Captain and crew were extremely helpful. I definitely would recommend using this charter."    -Jeffrey Lenches


"Got my pb striped bass and had many more hit the deck. Great day on the water. Great boat and great crew"   - KF


"What a day! No sacrafices on this boat. Top notch crew and boat. Would recommend."   - Raymond Navek


"Couldn't possibly say enough good things about RJ and Cody. 2 professionals who dedicated themselves to our group having a great trip! We highly recommend them and look forward to future excursion with these Jersey Nutz!"   -Matt Kanarick


"Awesome fishing experience all around. These guys are very professional and will put you on the fish. If you're looking for a great offshore experience this is the way to go."   -Dan Hook
"These guys are grade A awesome they'll work their butts off to put you on fish and won't sleep till you get some. cant wait to come back and fish with these guys again."   -Josh Schroeder
"Tough day fishing but Cody and RJ are great. Effort was there, fish didn't cooperate. Great day on the water none the less!!! Can't wait for tuna!!!!"   -Joseph Marshall
"RJ and Cody are excellent! Great time hanging out with these guys Cody is a blast! And RJ is a good Captain"   - Louis M
"You want to catch some fish, Cody and rj will find you some! Great time!"   -Dan Petito


"Captain and crew were awesome easy going guys that were very knowledgeable and impressive to watch them do their thing. They were helpful in every way for a beginner like me who doesn't go out too often, highly recommended"  - Vincent Abrosio