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Striped Bass to 40+lbs!

Saturday 5-14-16

On Saturday we had a great group of guys in the Steve Hawthorne Charter that enjoyed a beautiful day on the water.  We had a long day with a slow bite but managed to put some fish in the boat on the troll riding the 3 mile line of the Jersey Shore.  Fish were very deep and not very active but when you could get a bite, every fish was 25lbs plus and made for some great pictures. All in all a slow but great day on the water with the Hawthorne charter.


Sunday 5-15-16

Sunday was a much different day for the Jersey Nutz Crew that proved to be extremely frustrating and long. We worked our tails off for the Mike Celentano charter covering a lot of ground and using every trick up our sleeve. We started the day fishing south where we had fish the day before, but the over night blow and chill down pushed the cows deeper and they did not want to chew. We worked that area for a few hours moving in and out, changing rigs, live lining, stopping and going but could not buy a bite! With two hours left in the trip we made the big move to new grounds but experienced the same frustration. It was time to go in but Capt. Cody asked for another hour from the charter and made one last move to some faithful territory, 15 minutes later we finally got our shot when the fish swallowed a magictail mojo and after a good fight we landed a 47 inch, 45lb slob that put a smile on everyone’s face.  HUGE thanks to the Celentano charter for sticking with us and allowing us the extra time.